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A collection of photographers from every corner of the globe, Midnight Station are united in their love of capturing and sharing moments. You won't find any cheap, low quality work in their array of offerings.

Built on Shopify
Framing Success
A brand new venture, Midnight Station set out to create a bespoke online experience that went deeper than some pictures on a page. Knowing a prefab theme just wouldn't do, they contacted our team to design and build the perfect vehicle. We worked in harmony with their team to deliver an experience that hits all the marks.
Midnight Station - Homepage
Interior Design
While it may not look like we strayed to far from a traditional product collections page, the functionality is super custom. It allows users to swap the frame colors on the fly and gracefully narrow down the pieces by subject matter, orientation, artists, color, style, and more. The product detail pages are beautifully laid out with the ability to select the color frame and desired size front and center. Iconography draws user's eyes to the benefits that go alongside ordering from them, while in-depth information about the piece is neatly displayed above reviews and related products.
Midnight Station - Interiors
Picture It
We heard you're pretty into scrolling—you're in luck because you can do so on the mobile device of your wildest dreams.
Launch ProjectpinHeadquartered in Marfa, TX
Midnight Station - Mobile
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