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Limited Run Games is a premium publisher of physical games. They exist to bring your favorite digital releases to life on a number of systems — including the Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4 and 5, retro consoles, and more! Founded in 2015, they've released over 1000 games, including both niche indie games and big collabs with legends like Konami and LucasArts.
Built on Shopify Plus
Let’s Get Physical
Limited Run Games is one of the top trafficked Shopify Plus stores on the web but their previous site looked far from it. They brought us on to create the custom, fun, and on-brand site they'd been pining for. Fully redesigned, the home page is packed with featured releases supported by an edgy design that immediately resonates with their customer-base.
Limited Run Games - Homepage
Leveled Up
Previously stark and stripped down, the product pages for the new site needed a major overhaul. We beefed the living hell out of them in a way that gives fans all the info they need to know without overwhelming the UX.
Limited Run Games - Interiors
Byte Sized
With their sales on mobile soaring, we took a careful approach when it came to the mobile experience. Carousels are nestled in just the right places and we made sure the real estate was used to its fullest potential.
Limited Run Games - Mobile
Alena, Limited Run Games
The process was seamless and efficient.We loved that they got what we were trying to do, they matched the style we were trying to go for. We didn't want to use an agency that used outdated designs or practices and Sleepless is far from outdated.
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Alena A.Marketing Director
Playing Favorites
Icons? Oh yeah. We created a custom set with a retro feel to liven up the site and give pink the air time it deserves.
Launch ProjectpinHeadquartered in Apex, NC
Limited Run Games - Illustrations
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