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NeuroMD invented the leading surgery-free, drug-free, at-home treatment that restores lower back health. Their core product is clinically proven technology and the saving grace to millions that suffer from back pain.
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Soothing the Pain
NeuroMD's back pain solution is game-changing, but their previous site wasn't delivering the message as professionally as it could have and was wrought with pain points. We tossed out their template-based site in favor of a fully custom theme with a foundation built to scale.
NeuroMD - Homepage
Mobile Flexibility
With a high volume of traffic driven from mobile, we made many key decisions when it came to the site's responsive functionality. Whether you're hunched over a laptop, holding up a tablet, or zoned in on your phone, the solution is only a few quick steps away.
NeuroMD - Mobile Devices
There's more to NeuroMD's site than just simply selling a product. Every single page of the site has informational substance and is an effective vehicle across the board.
NeuroMD - Pages
Down to the Last Detail
The PDP for the NeuroMD device isn't just a product page—it's an in-depth landing page that informs, reacts, and converts. If there are details to be had, this page feeds them in with purpose without overload.
Launch ProjectpinHeadquartered in Sunny Isles Beach, FL
NeuroMD - PDP
Yeah, there's more...