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Founded in 1979 and with a commitment to their craft, innovation, collaboration, and sustainability, CAPW has a long history of top-notch service and the highest quality metal finishing, including powder coating, sandblasting and much more.
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Stamp of Approval
A blend between modern technology and old-school service, California PowderWorks' brand is one that is solid and trusted, while remaining current and present. The brand’s cornerstone, the CAPW logo, is grounded, impactful, and translates outstandingly whether printed, embroidered, or forged in metal.
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Walking the Line Art
CAPW's custom icon set, developed for their services, industries, and benefits, also walks the modern/traditional line. Overall we gave them a sleek modern styling, but then applied some retro halftone shading to tie it all together.
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Home Improvement
Utilizing Wordpress's versatile backend, we created an effective and compelling platform to give people a taste of all that CAPW has to offer, and promote what sets them above the rest.
California PowderWorks - Homepage
On phones, we may be short on screen space, but doesn’t mean we have to be short on style. Even on mobile, CAPW’s site packs a big punch, while remaining clear and easy to navigate.
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In Their Element
As experts in the metal-finishing field, the folks at CAPW needed a site that gave them plenty of places to talk about their services, experiences, and history; and we delivered.
Launch ProjectpinHeadquartered in Manteca, CA
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