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PNP offers safe and highly effective sports supplements that help athletes reach peak performance. Their products have quickly earned the reputation of being a top choice for those looking for better-performing formulas to give them the edge.
Built on Shopify
Bringing in Some Extra Muscle
The fresh and colorful new homepage includes a vibrant rotating banner area with four captivating slider images that correspond with illustrated icons that are 100% unique to them. Their site's layout naturally guides customers to learn about their flagship products. With critical calls-to-action throughout, eager customers have no problem finding their way and quickly making a purchase.
PNP Supplements Homepage
So, What Did We Do Exactly?
Previously relying on a semi-customized theme, we took PNP's brand to the heavy-weight class by creating an entirely new custom Shopify site that vividly displays their products and tells their story to inspire and engage. With a lifestyle oriented approach, the website communicates their products in a way most competitors don't. We had the opportunity to spare no expense when it came to the design, user-experience, illustration work and animation. It helped that the top dog over at PNP was an absolute pleasure to work with, and that always makes for a better project.
Not Just Another Product Pitch
Their product detail pages are an impactful visual narrative, not just a dry sales pitch. They help build product credibility, with a unique look that captures and retains customer attention. To do this, we designed what may be our most robust product pages to date, featuring an in-depth level of information without being text heavy. Don't worry, PNP has full control to make updates in a straightforward manner via their Shopify admin panel and custom fields. Customer reviews, athlete testimonials, galleries supplement facts and more—basically, we threw in the kitchen sink, and it just so happened to land just perfectly.
PNP Supplements Product Page
“Jon and the whole team we’re a pleasure to work with.”We’re very happy with the experience and the end product, which is a great looking and functional website. After our conversations and providing input on what we were looking for, they listened closely to our needs and integrated their ideas beautifully.Jerry TeixeiraCEO @ PNP Supplements
Pumped up on the Results
(Yeah—we bet you thought we'd probably go with a Hans and Franz reference, but we thought we'd mix it up for you). The mobile-optimized site is supported by subtle, tasteful custom animations that draw users towards key elements. This elevates the customer experience and gives their products the high-end sheen they deserve. It's a resource as well—they ensure gyms, stores, and resellers can quickly sign up to carry their products and educate their own customers with ease. A lower bounce rate, more conversions, and better stats are a formula for success.
Launch ProjectpinHeadquartered in Walnut Creek, CA
PNP Supplement - Mobile
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