The City of San Francisco is no stranger to earthquakes, so it’s no surprise that “The Earthquake Bag” was born within the city limits. Now offering far more than the popular emergency bag alone, Redfora has evolved into a full-blown emergency company that’s on a mission to keep the world prepared for the next disaster.
Built on Shopify
Ready for a Rebrand
Formerly known as The Earthquake Bag, we helped Redfora navigate their name change to ensure that the launch of the new brand was a seamless transition. With an ambitious timeline, we took on the challenge to design a fresh new logo to accompany their new moniker alongside photography, custom iconography, and a new website that packs in more than their popular bags.
Redfora Homepage
The Logo
Strength. Comfort. Protection. Peace of mind. The bear and its cub ended up being a natural way to convey them all without overdoing it.
Redfora Logo
Bear in Mind
Redfora's brand is strong and supportive, while remaining friendly and straightforward. Using the sturdy, warm, and well-rounded Brandon Grotesque font family, along with a solid, welcoming color palette unifies all these ideas Redfora strives for.
Redfora - Branding
Custom Photography
One of the key challenges was the lack of quality photos. Fortunately, Redfora selected our photography services as part of the master plan, giving us the opportunity to execute our vision for all of the banner photography site-wide. They sent us a few bags and boxes of their goods, and we sourced props for the shoot, deciding on an overhead flat-lay photography style that not only hints at what’s in their kits but also validates the lifestyles and demographics of their customer base.
Redfora Photography
Icons at the Epicenter
With their former site lacking illustrations, we planned to create graphic imagery for key products, categories, and features from the beginning. For the Earthquake Bag itself, we created detailed illustrations showing the different types of bags and items associated with each. For navigation and other odds and ends, we went with a complimentary icon style that's simple, clean, and solid.
A Bag of Tricks
It's a large site and the architecture is complex; there's far more than meets the eye. The shopping experience leads the customer to the products that fit their needs, providing all the details on the product pages one could ever need. But it's not just about selling products—there's a heavy focus on educating their customers, providing in-depth resources in the form of blogs, step-by-step guides, and more.
Build a Bear. Errr.... Bag. Okay, Both.
As the product headliner, The Earthquake Bag isn’t a simple item you just pop into your cart. There are dozens of different configurations based on an individual's specific needs. Days? Number of people? Bag type? They’re all important options, so we built an ultra-custom app giving customers the ability to configure the bag of their dreams right on one page. We came up with a unique sidebar with all of the product options and content-swapping features that’s easy to use no matter the device. But it doesn’t stop there; the page is chock-full of additional information, video, specs, resources, reviews, and galleries.
Redfora Product Page
Redfora testimonial
“Drinks on us.”We just wanted to say a hearty thank you for all the amazing work on Redfora. Sincerely, from the heart, thank you for putting yourself in the work. We are so pleased with the results and we really appreciate the love you put in.SkylerCo-Founder @ Redfora Emergency Co.
Zippin' It Up
We succeeded in escaping the trappings of stock photography and text-heavy pages in favor of bespoke imagery and illustrations for an elegant browsing experience. Built as a custom Shopify theme, everything you see is from scratch and backed by a decked-out administrative system that gives Redfora the utmost flexibility to maintain all images and copy to their heart’s content.
Launch ProjectpinHeadquartered in San Francisco, CA
Redfora Mobile and Tablet
Yeah, There's More...