CEO & Creative Director
Jon Sleepless Media

A passionate collector of greying beards, Converse, run-on sentences, and more flannels than you can swat with a tiny racquet.

Our Founder and Creative Director, Jon's a formerly good designer that no one lets design anything anymore. Instead, he's been promoted to the coveted role of repeatedly moving furniture, putting out fires, and making redundant, distracting, and usually-not-funny comments.

If the world suddenly experiences a shortage of flannels and Converse Jack Purcells, he’d be the first to blame. Speaking of badminton, he was awarded the prestigious championship of his 10th grade P.E. class. But make no mistake, this in no way relates to the tragic bout of tennis elbow that’s been bothering him for what feels like years, when it’s only been like two months. He somehow manages to hide the terrible pain, only complaining about it 11.4 times per day.

While he generously insists on treating the team to breakfast for every Monday morning meeting, rounding everyone up for #beerfridays, buying cupcakes even while you're on a diet, taking you out to lunch, and stocking the cupboards with snacks—it’s not all roses. If you thought the Soup-Nazi was a bit touchy, please, we beg you, don’t approach the espresso machine while Jon is in the vicinity. Without a doubt, he'll give you your 48th in-depth training on how to do things the right way. You’ll still leave the grinds in the portafilter, and he’ll get all pissed and stuff, but that’s why the rest of the team started doing it on purpose.
Cultivating gray hairs
Repeating himself
Not leaving sponges in the sink
Toilet paper etiquette instruction
Being told he's old
Sending emails at 3am
Creative Stuff
Conspiracy Theories
Talking about pyramids with Junior
Fact checking Junior's "facts"
Mushroom Foraging
Threatening to get a Basset Hound
Guitar hording
Guitar playing
Converse collecting
Electric Vehicles
Probably Listening too Loudly toopen/close
The ringing in his ears
Dad rock
His own voice
No one listening to him
Something 90's
Emo masked as "Indie Rock"
The Descendents/All
Jimmy Eat World
The National
David Bazan/Pedro the Lion
Death Cab
This Town Needs Guns
Silversun Pickups
American Football
Blonde Redhead
Has Been Known to Binge Watchopen/close
Breaking Bad
Lost, but when it was a thing
Stranger Things
Joe Rogan
Pyramid Documentaries
True Detective
Game of Thrones