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First impressions are everything. Your brand should reveal to your customers that you provide the best solution for their needs. Let's design your visuals. Let's define your voice.

A Few Samples Of Our Work

Our Process

We take great care in designing the perfect logo for your business. Below are a few examples of our process, from sketches to final product. Whether you need a logo refresh, or new identity from top to bottom, we've got this. We dig deep to find out how you want the outside world to view you amongst the competition. We then take all those thoughts and ideas and translate them into a visual representation of your company that symbolizes everything you stand for.

Purity Salon

Logo Exploration

Purity Logo Exploration

When Purity approached us about a website, they didn’t have a logo to call their own. We created a visual identity that captures the simple essence of their brand. They wanted something clean and minimal that also evoked a rustic, natural feel. The salon focuses on organic and natural products, so we developed a unique handwritten typeface for her brand, and used elements of plants and circles to complete the logo.

El Salchichero

Logo Exploration

El Salchichero Logo Exploration

el Salchichero hired us looking to rebrand themselves with a more versatile visual identity. Built around their pre-existing typeface, we collaborated with them to create an emblem encompassing many different elements that can be used in different formats depending on their needs. The result is a dark yet playful feel with a timeless look for their age-old craft.

Carrie Arlah

Logo Exploration

Carrie Arlah Logo Exploration

Carrie Arlah came to us for a complete redesign of her website and logo. Carrie’s business is based on spirituality and she needed her online prescence to be as gentle and calming as she is as a medium and healer for her clients. Handsketching was the most sensible way to start with a logo that we knew needed to be a bit more atmospheric. After careful iterations, we perfectly balanced professionalism with a hand-drawn look.

Kayak Connection

Kayak Connection is the premier sea kayaking and stand-up paddling destination for rentals, instruction, and tours in both Santa Cruz and Moss Landing at Elkhorn Slough. A long-time client, we collaborated with them to fully redesign their website and create their brand identity.

Logo Exploration

Kayak Connection Logo Exploration

Never having an official logo, we took this as an opportunity to fully explore how the business has evolved to create the ideal visual identity. They wanted something clean yet retro, playful yet professional, and tied into the feel and colors of where they spend every day: the water.

Armitage Wines

Logo Exploration

Armitage Logo Exploration

Sleepless Media designed and developed the Armitage website and also took the opportunity to help them dial in their visual identity from a wide ranging visual philosophy to an instantly recognizable logo mark. Their philosophy revolves around sacred geometry, with special significance on the Seed of Life. Sleepless Media took this well known geometric symbol and created a logo that was unique, flexible, and balanced with their existing visual presence.

Silverback Solar

Logo Exploration

Silverback Solar Logo Exploration

After redesigning the logo for RoofScreen with stellar results, they approached us to help rebrand their Silverback Solar subsidiary. Silverback Solar manufactures and distributes engineered racking systems for mounting photovoltaic and solar thermal systems. Big and strong like a gorilla, their product is more durable than any conventional system currently available. Our mission was to show inherent strength in the design while incorporating the elements of the sun and structure, which is why we chose an angled, faceted pattern to compose the gorilla.

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