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Armitage Wines is a boutique winery located in the Santa Cruz Mountains, specializing in Pinot Noir. They pride themselves on blending components in perfect symbiosis to express the pure character of each wine.
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Crafting The Identity Of An Extraordinary Winemaker
Their first true website, we designed and developed the Armitage site from the ground up, while also taking the opportunity to help them transform their philosophy into an instantly recognizable brand identity. The direction we took for the home page came in the form of an engaging full-width site, with each section scrolling to perfectly fit the size of the screen. It introduces new customers to the brand in a thoughtful way, while giving existing customers quick access to all pertinent information.
Armitage Wine Homepage
Armitage has a winemaking philosophy that revolves around sacred geometry, with special significance on the Seed of Life. We took this well known geometric symbol and created a logo that was unique, flexible, and in harmony with their existing visual presence. It's versatile and flexible in that the symbol can be used alone, as is the case where it's stamped on top of their corks. While the typeface can be used alone, or in combination with the mark for an iconic emblem. Armitage knew they wanted to incorporate the sacred geometry used throughout their winemaking process as part of their visual identity. The design evolved from wine glass rings to a more refined and elegant geometric design that Armitage fell in love with.
Armitage Wine - Rebranding
Join The Club And Drink Up
Wine clubs are more complicated than they may seem on the surface. For Armitage, we explored several different options before arriving at a solution that fit their specific requirements. We designed the site as a custom Shopify theme, housing the entire site in the powerful system. We create custom fields in the administration system to make sure everything we designed is easily maintained on the client-side.
Armitage Wine Shop
Order Wine On Your Mobile Device
No matter where their faithful customers are, or what device they’re using, they can easily stock up on their amazing wines. We recommend you hop to it. We did!
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