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Weaving together fair trade, slow fashion, and fair wages to uplift the apparel industry to higher levels is WVN's intention. They are convinced that creating organic clothing empowers consumers to make ethical choices in everyday wear.
Logo & Naming
Formerly known as Synergy, the word had become overused and was no longer "ownable" or unique. We worked closely with their team, and researched numerous directions we could take, ranging from more literal naming conventions, to foreign languages for inspiration. Finally, we decided on "WVN." which proved to be the perfect balance of modern fashion and clean sustainability. We then designed a fresh and contemporary logo, bringing their new name to life.
WVN. Logos
Being at the forefront of sustainable, transparent fashion, WVN. needed a strong, clear voice to match their continued mission of innovation and conscious living.
WVN. Messaging
With a refreshed name, logo, and voice, we bring it all together. We established colors, fonts, and a full style guide that can be used as the foundation for their brand for years to come.
pinHeadquartered in Santa Cruz, CA
WVN. Branding
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