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EVEO unleashes the power of state-of-the-art Audio and Video accessories that are beautiful and functional. They're a customer-centric brand that is focused on establishing tangible products that guarantee excellent results.
Built on Shopify
At a Premium
A bestseller of premium monitor mounts, cleaners, and cable solutions, EVEO enlisted our services to intercept their huge amount of Amazon orders in favor of their own direct site. Previously backed by a prefab theme, we assaulted the user-experience from the first pixel to the last. The home page instantly instills a slick and glossy presentation that elevates their products and drives their branding home.
EVEO - Homepage
Cleaning Up
The mobile customer experience is far from an afterthought—it had to rival that of Amazon but we took the opportunity to nurture an on-brand presence that's elegant and has conversions written all over it.
EVEO - Mobile
The Catalog
Simplistic product collection pages make it easy to view their array of offerings at a glance while product pages boast an informational onslaught of specifications, up-front reviews, and practical applications.
Launch ProjectpinHeadquartered in Israel
EVEO - Interiors
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