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Manufactured homes specialists, Ideal Homes offers an array of high-end factory and custom floorplans. They help you choose the best options for your space and design your home from start to finish.
We designed Ideal Home's original website back in the dark ages of the mid-2000s, and there was more to do than just dust off a few cobwebs. Our Custom CMS platform had done them well in the past, so we got to work on designing the new site and implementing a brand new version.
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People buy from people. It was important to not only showcase their homes but also their team. Without good people and good service, even good products fall short. They're located in Capitola so we incorporated some local imagery without going overboard.
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We had the opportunity to do some really quality illustrations to help communicate their offerings and better utilize space that would otherwise be crowded with images. Super custom, we chose a bright and beachy color palette for the icon set that compliments their houses and supports their location.
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Mobile? C'mon!
These aren't your momma's mobile homes—but that doesn't mean that their site shouldn't work great on your momma's mobile phone. Ideal's houses are excellent alternatives to traditional stick homes, but they can also have a lot of details and specs to absorb, so we made it easy for everyone.
Launch ProjectpinHeadquartered in Capitola, CA
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