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Purity Salon is dedicated to taking care of your beauty needs from head to toe. They are well aware that the world is becoming a more toxic place everyday. In order to combat this, and reduce their carbon footprint, they strive to use products that deliver amazing results while being sustainable and natural.
Built on Wordpress
Natural Ingredients. Natural Results.
We created a visual identity that captures the simple essence of their brand. We designed their logo as an emblem, with a wordmark inside a symbol, which gives it a more polished upscale look. Purity wanted something that was clean and simple but that also evoked a rustic, natural feel. To capture this, we developed a unique handwritten typeface for her brand, using plant elements and circles to complete the logo. We also developed a more compact version of the emblem with just the lettermark "P" inside the circular leaf symbol. This way they have the opportunity to use the more compact version when and where it makes sense.
Purity Salon Brand
Custom Web Design + Wordpress
Being a new business, we had the opportunity to design a brand new site from scratch. It’s a small site, so we decided a one-page style design would be the most effective for their needs. We shot photos for a beautiful banner, incorporating custom illustrations and natural elements to back up the sustainable nature of the products and services they offer.
Purity Salon - Website
Natasha Purity Salon
“I am so in love with my branding, I receive compliments everyday.”Natasha DawdyOwner @ Purity Salon
Naturally Mobile
Customers will have no problem doing a quick look-up on their phone as they scramble to book their long-overdue next appointment.
Launch ProjectpinHeadquartered in Santa Cruz, CA
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