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Tech Brands

Based in Silicon Valley, we’re a clan of designers and developers that live, breathe, and thrive in the technology industry. We’re fortunate enough to be within arm’s reach of the best talent and groundbreaking products that envelop our lives from every angle. Whether you’re a start-up in stealth mode or a Fortune 500 tech company, we’re a trusted ally.

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A start-up with a true passion for their product, they hired us to flesh out their website and help establish their brand. The Shopify platform was the natural vehicle to not only give them preorder functionality but also to support their mission for the long haul. Clean, crisp, and futuristic, the site balances the beauty of their product with the grace of their native app.
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A bestseller of premium monitor mounts, cleaners, and cable solutions, EVEO enlisted our services to intercept their huge amount of Amazon orders in favor of their own direct site. Previously backed by a prefab theme, we assaulted the user-experience from the first pixel to the last. The home page instantly instills a slick and glossy presentation that elevates their products and drives their branding home.
EVEO - Homepage

“August is super excited about the work we all did together on this and the process from a speed, design, and quality perspective.”


With August, you are always in control of your front door, no matter where you are, right from your phone. We took their existing WordPress + Shopify hybrid site and escorted August through an entirely new custom build—housing everything within Shopify Plus.
August Homepage

Technology Forward, Service-Focused.

Our goal on every project is to ensure clear & consistent communication, undying collaboration, and strict adherence to timing and budget expectations. Our processes are built around 18 years of blood, sweat, and keyboards.

Values Built on Trust

We do what we say we’re going to do. We exceed expectations. We won’t send you bills you’re not expecting. We keep our word. You might even laugh at our jokes.

19 Years Young

Yeah, we’ve been around for a while, in other words, we know what we’re doing. We’ll guide you through every pixel of the project, and we’re always down for a challenge.

Timing is Everything

Need to move fast and make sure that the store front is up for the new product launch? We move swiftly without sacrificing quality to make sure the job is done right.

We Forge Partnerships

We’re not a one-and-done agency—we’re an ongoing partner and an ally as you grow and evolve. A website’s never done and the best ones keep continually engaged with our services for the long haul.

Who We Are
Some friends we’ve made along the way.
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Website Design Company for tech companies in California

Search engine optimization is a tricky little devil. Naturally, we'd like to make sure that search engines can easily find our site when they are looking for a web design firm that specializes in tech company marketing and e-commerce sites. But doesn't it kind of drive you up the wall when you notice how repetitive and blatant a website's text can get while trying to seduce the ol' engines with an overload of nifty keywords and phrases?! Whelp, we do too, but you’ve gotta do what you’ve gotta do and we’ll adapt our SEO success for your project as well.

Obligatory SEO For A Silicon Valley Web Development Company

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