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Sleepless Media is a Santa Cruz web design that serves cities all over the San Francisco Bay Area, the state of California, and across the United States. We also handle design and development projects for international clients when it’s a good fit. We've also served an abnormally large amount of clients in the Portland, OR and Seattle, WA areas, and the entire Pacific Northwest. We love working locally and directly with our clients, but technology has permitted us to design many of the projects in our portfolio remotely. Regardless of your location, our work process is successful with client collaboration via phone calls, messaging and remote GoToMeetings.

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Ahhhh, That Tricky Little Devil that is Search Engine Optimization.

Naturally, we’d like to make sure that Google, Bing, Yahoo! (and the other search engines that don’t really matter), can easily find our site, and find yours too. But we also want them to know what areas we serve the most often. But doesn’t it drive you up the wall when you notice how repetitive and blatant a website’s text can get while trying to seduce the ol’ engines with an overload of nifty keywords and phrases?!

And really, what’s the best way to do it anyhow? For instance, do we say we’re a Santa Cruz Web Design Firm? A Design Agency? Or should we say Website Design Studio in Santa Cruz? Tossing them all around probably seems a bit suspect don’t you think?

And how do we really classify ourselves anyway? Are we a web site design agency, a digital design agency, an interactive agency, a creative agency, a marketing agency, a design studio or a graphic design agency? Do we also need to let people now we can help with mobile web design, responsive website design and iPhone app design as well? Or is that a given? The combinations are endless!

Don’t worry, there’s more: how about to make sure we cover all the bases, we say we are a web design company, or web development company, or are we just plain old web designers, or even.... gulp, webmasters? Regardless, we’ve got a huge web design portfolio and definitely feature more professional website design samples than you can shake a stick at… and should we mention our e-commerce web design services, or is it eCommerce Development? Actually, we should probably let you know that we are Shopify E-commerce "experts" while we're at it - ya know, it’s up to you!

But wait, we’re not just Santa Cruz Web Designers - we’re SF Bay Area Web Designers, and behold: we are also a Web Design Company in the San Francisco Bay Area! Imagine that!

Okay, I’m getting a little bit overwhelmed at this point, but I think you get what we are trying to say: You’re going to need our help figuring all of this SEO business out, (Or should we call it site optimization? or inbound marketing? or search engine marketing, or just plain internet marketing?) Regardless, if you’d like our help with it, time’s a wastin’ before the next Google algorithm changes! Please just contact us and we’ll set up a time to discuss your needs.

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