Designing The Face Of An Angel

Angel Face Botanicals is a holistic plant and mineral-based skincare line that encourages radiantly beautiful skin, while nurturing the spirit, and nourishing your entire being. A Santa Cruz-based company, they’re located right across the street from our complex, so collaboration came easily.

Screen displays of the Angel Face Botanicals website,

So, What Did We Do Exactly?

We completely redesigned the Angel Face website from the ground up, reinventing their brand’s online experience. Powered by Shopify, it’s an elegant, responsive ecommerce site that speaks volumes about their company and its products.

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Angel Face Botanicals Body Products

All Shopify. All of the Time.

Angel Face Botanicals came to us with an aging, non-responsive website that was based on Big Commerce which was no longer meeting their needs. Their separate WordPress blog was hosted elsewhere with a different design and domain name, splintering their traffic and causing confusion for their users. We solved all of these problems by keeping everything under one roof inside of Shopify for a seamless experience on any device. Whether users are browsing blog articles, or purchasing products, they’ll be able to do so with an ever graceful experience.

Angel Face Botanicals homepage design

Simple, Elegant Blogging

Instead of cobbling together a separate site for the blog, at the risk of compromising their search-engine traction, we relied on the simplicity of Shopify’s native blog to cover their needs. We migrated all of their existing WordPress data over as completely as possible, giving them the ability to pick up right where they left off and maximize their blogging potential moving forward.

Angel Face Botanicals homepage design

Integrated Social Media

With a large Instagram presence, it made sense to pump their most recent photos from their feed straight into the site. We also made sure all of their sharing features were up to snuff, making it super easy for their customers to share their products with friends.

Angel Face Botanicals Body Products

Designed For Mobile

When we say mobile, we mean mobile. The site was designed and coded to transcend devices. We don't just rely on the native responsiveness of the Shopify platform—we fully optimize our custom work to display perfectly as it adapts to different screen sizes.

Angel Face Botanicals Responsive Layout
  • Location: Santa Cruz, California
  • Project Type: Ecommerce Web Design
  • Platform: Shopify
  • Industry: Health & Beauty
  • Launched: October 2015

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